What Are You Listening To?


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I've found that the Lithium station on XM is a good mix of my old school music. Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, PJ Harvey, Primus,etc... good station. We don't watch the news or regular TV programs. It's always on music on the Bose system all day long till 2-3 am. We do enjoy Adult Swim in the TV room tho. Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, American Dad, SqidBillies, SouthPark, Family Guy, etc... Yeah, we're older (mid 50's for me, late 40's for Paige).... but we've figured out that this is our time to do what we always wanted to do. No kids, or grandkids. We live remotely, so we'll blast music on the back porch till 3am. Zero fucks given. Just enjoying the rest of what life is left.... and we don't give a fuck what day it is.
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