what number of plants in 3x6?


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So I'm in the process of designing my room and have decided I will be using 3' W x 6' L trays to hold my flower and veg plants. I will plant them in Fox Farms soils and hope to flower them in 3 or 5 gallon smart pots. I have a 2 room setup with a veg/clone room and a flower room with a 3' x 6' tray in each to hold my plants.

My question is...whats the optimal number of plants I can hold for the veg and more specifically flower trays using this setup? I guess I"m really interested in how many I can fit in the flower room 3'x6' tray for optimal yield.

I know spacing is important so optimal light reaches each plant. For the flower room Ill be running two 600w HPS lamps above that 3'x6' tray so lighting is covered well imho..how many plants now?


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depends on what type of plant and how squatty you want them which can lead into yield %'s that you are getting from each plant and how much light and all the other necessary items are costing you. May end up that you can only afford to grow one plant instead of the 6 you were hoping.

I use 3 foot aquare for plant which includes the leaves and they need to get light and hate to be cramped.


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Well this will be my first attempt and I partook of the Attitude Quadruple Thunder super freebies offer. Ordered 5 Green House super lemon haze fem seeds and 5 barney's farm utopia haze fem seeds. Then I also got all the other freebies too. So I will be trying a variety of strains to start with, but will initially focus on the super lemon haze and utopia haze and maybe one indica. I'm dying to germ them now but am going to wait until I get my room all finished which should be within the next 2-3 weeks tops.

I have 10' ceilings so I do have some vertical space. My concern isn't with shape of the plant as much as yeild. If I can do bushy and get more then great, if I should go taller and get more then thats great too! I just need to know what you would advise for this size of 3x6 tray with these particular strains. Sorry I should have listed the strains to start with! :)

For the flower room 3'x'6 tray, could I do two rows of 5 or 6? Or is that way too cramped?

Thanks for the comments and advice!