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  1. xIPhobiaIx

    ... another high yield thread blah blah blah

    Quick question... all these sites list yields as gr/m2 or oz per 3z3 ft etc. Would imagine most of it is either BS or under their own optimal conditions. Although, I do grow hydroponically and can supplement Co2 with heigh ceilings. Some strains I have been looking at are the following. Money...
  2. N

    Issues in week 1 bloom.

    I have 3 big bud and 4 gelatos girls growing so happily 3 weeks into veg. Then suddenly one of the big buds leaves begins to turn a weird light green and dark green. Some a little yellow. They have been on a cal mag and botanicare veg feed cycle for the whole time. I had just started to flush...
  3. N

    Issues Week 1 bloom 1000 watt HPS

    I have 3 big bud and 4 gelatos girls growing so happily 3 weeks into veg. Then suddenly one of the big buds leaves begins to turn a weird light green and dark green. Some a little yellow. They have been on a cal mag and botanicare veg feed cycle for the whole time. I had just started to flush...
  4. Weouthere

    3rd and Best Grow (So Far)

    hey guys! Just wanted to show off my harvest yesterday. I don’t have many people to tel about this or show off to, so here ya go. After some pH issues in veg and figuring out nutrients for really the first time, I managed these huge, solid, stinky and sticky buds. the biggest one I’m hoping is...
  5. UndercoverCopMuahaha

    My New Guerilla Grow of 2020

    Here is my YouTube video of the germination process I have completed. Go ahead and pull out the lube! Click here > 2020 Outdoor Guerilla Grow Plenty more videos to come that will include the hands on labor, techniques and processes throughout the entire grow. Let me know what you think! *rubs...
  6. founta13


  7. OGbobbyjohnsson

    Big bud

    My last grow i used only floora bloom and some N during the whole flowering stage and now i want to buy some Advanced nutrients big bud my question is can i use it together with Floora bloom Floora bloom NPK: 0-5-4 AN Big bud NPK:0-1-3
  8. George Seeds

    Sensi Seeds Promo at The Vault

    Its cannabis seeds promo time again at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store! This time we have partnered with Sensi Seeds and have some Big Bud Feminised and NL Autos to be won, visit to read the rules, learn...
  9. S420weed420S

    Some Frosty King Kong how they looking

    Hi and cheers for looking I am growing 4x King Kong the plants were only vegged for 5 weeks from seeds They are in a flood and drain tray with 2x 600w dual spectrum hps bulbs They are fed on aqua Flores and big bud booster how long do you think they have left as from flower date we’re looking...
  10. H

    Preflowers looking like buds

    Hey! I have a odd thing happening to my plant. It a Big Bud strain and the mother plant is about 3 years old now. I have seen preflowers on it before from being mature but this past couple of months my clones and my mother have been developing huge preflowers. That look like popcorn buds all...
  11. OGbobbyjohnsson

    is it true ??

    Hi guys iv read that the best time to start flushing autoflowers is when the leaves are starting to get brown and fall off is this true or is there any better ways plus what are you guys feeding your plants to get fat buds bless:peace:
  12. Hippievanman

    About to flip - Need help deciding bloom nutes - can I mix what I have (Gaia + Advanced)?

    Hey RIU community. First time posting here although I have come across the site many times while hunting for info. I've done a few outdoor grows, but this is my first indoor grow - I'm 70-days in from seed - on 18-6 light. My grow area is 4'x3' containing two plants. Seeds are an unknown...
  13. O

    white widow x big bud

  14. mediajunkie2003

    MSNL positive review

    I was cautious, first time order, wanted to go cheap so ordered 10 big bud, got 5 white widow free. About 40 bucks US. Used a credit card, and got super fast shipping, great communication. The packaging was so stealth at first I thought I got ripped off. I contacted MSNL, they told me where...
  15. A

    Advise please bros?

    I recently planted two seeds that turned out to be a male I've now went and got one Auto big bud and one auto Afghan skunk and popping the seeds today so if anybody could give me any advice so don't mess up on this one be much appreciated
  16. Surf or Die

    Correct ration of nutes for pre-flower & bloom

    I am a newb. Last time I tried 1979. No computers or internet then. I notice a lot of the bloom nutes have a lot of Nitrogen. Big bud was one I found with 0-1-3. Is it ok to use this formula for the complete bud cycle? History of grow: Outside grow started around the end/ middle of july, 4...
  17. Mr Awesome

    Plant number question? How many plants would you have in a 3600 watt grow room ? 6 or 54 or more ?

    Hey People , I would like to know what you guys would do, I'm in a debate with myself in regards to how many plants per light ? Or in the room in general. The room has 6 -600 cool tubed lights w dimmable ballasts. How many would you throw under a light ? Or would you stog the room as I'm...
  18. Original Sensible Seeds

    Homegrown Fantaseeds Back In Stock @ Original Seeds Store

    Homegrown Fantaseeds, winner of multiple Cannabis Cups including "Best Seed Company" in 1998. Creators of classic marijuana strains and purveyors of modern age genetics. With the following strains back in stock at Original Seeds Store. AC Diesel (reg) & AC Diesel (fem) Afghani (fem) Big...
  19. Original Sensible Seeds

    New Sensi Seeds Autos coming soon to The Original Seeds Store !!!!!!

    Sensi Seeds Big Bud Auto Big Bud has long been famous as the benchmark for high-performance indica and Big Bud Automatic is the latest update to Sensi Seeds definitive heavy strain. These feminized cannabis seeds produce vigorous, easy-growing plants which flower automatically and quickly...
  20. 3

    Advanced nutrients,

    hello people, i am new to this forum, i got some nutrients from AN i cant make sense of it on the schedule that they make some product aren't even on there so ere is the list. AN grow ph perfect 500 ml AN micro ph perfect 500 ml AN bloom ph perfect 500 ml AN carboload 250 ml AN big bud 250 ml...