1. SourDeezle1232

    Returning after small hiatus…

    Hello everyone, hope all is well I’ve been on RIU in the past, since 2012. Forgot my old sign in so along with a new grow room, a new name. I jumped on LED lights early, and never looked back. My last room was set up with all Timber grow lights. Which performed very well (last models I had were...
  2. xIPhobiaIx

    What yields more? Penetration vs Coverage

    If I have the ceiling height than is it better for yields to get a powerful HPS or COB led, or Blackdog type LED and penetrate deep into the canopy and grow taller plants or still go wide with the QB or bar style lights and grow wider but shallower plants??? (aka scrog, lollipopping, etc.) Thanks!
  3. Mattossz

    Burn from excess light?

    Good afternoon, first of all I apologize for my bad English. From your point of view, can this be light burn? I currently have 8 cree cxb 3590 led working at 2.0 amp each led approximately I had the lights at a distance of 40cm, and I raised them but I am worried about the color that the tips...
  4. 420herbalist

    I Plead the Fiff! (5th grow, new 5x5 LED soil setup: 4x Crop King seeds under Timber Fatty)

    Hello all! Figured I would do another one of these now that I have a little experience under my belt. (Feel free to comment / discuss in this thread) This will be my 5th grow but I have basically updated my entire setup so who knows how this is going to go. :bigjoint: I am upgrading from a 3x3...
  5. RainDan


    Hello RIU Timber is having a sale. 10% off all COB lights (Daisies included). Sale ends 4/20 - tell a friend in need of stepping up their game. We appreciate your continued support very much! Have a great weekend. Dan
  6. G

    Need help with COB setup.

    Hi guys, I'm new here and after reading a lot before without posting it's time to get started myself as well. I'm already growing for a while under HPS and now decided to start using COBS as well on the side. So the basic thought i have is this. I usually tend to grow under 1200 watts HPS...
  7. C

    Cob Swap on a Bloom Beast c525

    Good day, The story: I got a steal on a bloombeast c525 light (less than 70 brand new shipping included). So I liked the features and cost, but not the spectrum necessarily. There are 2 "100w red" COBs and 2 "100w full spec. (Blurple)" COBs I am looking at swapping 2(for sure perhaps all) of...
  8. L

    Bridgelux COBs, single or combo for full-grown tomatoes

    Hi, new to this forum but have read a lot and appreciate the expertise here. I only have vegetables in hydro and my setup is 8x2,5 with 10 buckets of dwarf tomatoes and some other smaller herbs and peppers. I hope I still qualify as grower :) I'm using today the cheap Yxo 50W DOBs 3500K and...
  9. Hicham_nofal420

    Alibaba 22$ cree cxb3590!???

    Any one tried to buy crees from Alibaba? those crees seems to be very cheap comparing to the average prices.
  10. rollangrow

    Crap Scrog Nice Plants

    LIGHTS. Im running a ragged patch bunch of lights a 1000w true 200w king led (blurple) a Mars 600w true 100w and just got a hydrofarms 1800w true 300 watt x6 cob led. I have them set up in a triangle formation an angled inward towards each other think its the most efficient but let me know what...
  11. Tht_Blk_Guy27

    Color Temperature (kelvin)

    im currently in the market for new lights and i keep seeing more and more companies make use of a particular datapoint (Color Temperature). Can anybody give me insight? There's a light i'd like to purchase however, it has the potion of choosing from 1750K-4000K and i know its K for Kelvin but i...
  12. RainDan


    Hello RIU, Hope all are safe and healthy - wanted to let you know about our discount code 'RIU' which will save you $25 off each set of lights, no limit. We appreciate your support very much, especially as a small independently owned US business. Any questions, always feel free to post or...
  13. Z

    Light burn?

    Good morning I am in day 30 of flower DWC seedsman fem Jack Herer Half dose of General hydroponics flora Trio I believe I’m getting light burn the canopy is at a minimum of 20 inches and my lights are dimmed below 50% the symptoms are occurring up to 30 inches down. The symptoms are Extremely...
  14. Z

    Light burn?

    Good morning I am in day 30 of flower DWC seedsman fem Jack Herer Half dose of General hydroponics flora Trio I believe I’m getting light burn the canopy is at a minimum of 20 inches and my lights are dimmed below 50% the symptoms are occurring up to 30 inches down. The symptoms are occurring...
  15. A

    Disaster Chinese cob lights

    I was pretty excited to get back into growing. Some time ago I built a room with hps lighting and this got crazy hot. I swore next go around I’d get led. So fast forward some years and here we go I purchased a bunch of these used lights on Craigslist the other day. Thought 5 of these 800w cob...
  16. PanJapa

    Tent 4x4 with 4 x Citizen CLU058 - 3500K + 2 x Luminus CXM-22 gen.4 - 3500K

    Hi Guys! I want to share with you how I am going to build my grow set. I hope to cover 1,2m x 1,2m and grow six plants under this. 4 x Citizen CLU058 - 1825C4 - 3500K - 90CRI run on HLG-320H-C1400B it gives min. 280w 2 x Luminius CXM-22 gen. 4 - 3500K - 90CRI run on HLG-120H-C1400B it gives...
  17. P

    Need help with diy cob panel please! They stopped working :(

    Hello fellow gardeners Been gardening for some years under hps but a few months ago decided to finally gather some €'s and switch to led :) thumbs up! Well, i searched a lot before, and now i have a 200w diy cob panel, made at home with only good materials. The cob's are four Vero 29 SE...
  18. G

    DIY LEDs. Looking for advice from people with experience.

    Hey everyone. I've just finished my first run ( technically 2nd as I grew an auto whilst vegging a photo and then flipped after harvesting the auto) and I'm now thinking about any changes I want to make for the future. I currently have a 4x4 tent running 2x 600W Meizhi LEDs and, honestly, I...
  19. madboy46

    Need help to choose driver for Luminus CXM 32 100w COB

    Hi everyone, im new to the grow setup. For the past weeks i have been gathering information on indoor growing and lights and finally selected the CXM 32 series 100W COB from Luminus. Im growing one plant for now so only going for 1 light due to budget constraint. I am thinking to go with the...
  20. notillnospill

    DIY HLG 550 Build Help! Not Lighting UP :(

    Hey RIU, I rigged up my 4 quantum boards accordingly to the HLG - 480H-48B Driver w wagos and have not been able to get the boards to power on. Been troubleshooting and would appreciate all I can get on my first build. Want to get this baby running asap! Heres some pics, and thank to everyone...