1. jonconk84

    Timing/Placement for SCROG

    First time Scrogging. Topped once and did some LST. Ran a 1 month Veg. I spaced and installed netting a couple of days before I switched 12/12. Continued LST, weaving and defoliating over the next two weeks. Pics are at day 21 from switch. Seems to have gone well so far. Fairly even light...
  2. Scrog-Pro

    Scrog-Pro™ Trellis Systems for Grow Tents | 20% OFF SALE ALL MONTH!

    Hey everyone! We're having a special 20% OFF Sale for the entire month of August! You don't want to miss out on this one! ;) Now's the chance to get a BIG discount off all of our Scrog Nets only on our website! You can check 'em out here. Here's the discount code to get 20% off: AUG20 And...
  3. Yesyes3000

    Help with scrog please

    could I get some advice on what to do with this scrog I have ? Should I lower the screens more ? Should I flip to 12&12 ? This is my first time so any help would be terrific ! Thank you !
  4. kkmmbb1

    LED stealth Cabinet - Test run

    Hi everyone, i am going to start a small journal here for others to enjoy and maybe learn from, but also for my own personal benefit. Its always nice to be able to look back and then adjust onwards projects. First off i got myself a closet from Ikea. Cheap, already white and the fit is tall and...
  5. Show_OFF

    General questions regarding transition to the Flowering stage

    Good afternoon, fellow growers It's my first grow and now I'm at the point where I need your help regarding Flowering stage (it's been 16 days since I set light to flower). Pictures of my grow in the attachment. Brief info: My grow tent is 80cm x 80cm x 180cm. My light is "Vipar Spectra LED...
  6. PSlacks

    What scrog net material to use?

    hey RIU, Just setting up my first grow and concerned about the material in which I'll be using for my scrog screen. I don't have it setup quite yet, mainly because I don't want to get the wrong materials. I hear various opinions on different options, such as twine leaving "hairs" in the bud and...
  7. jswett1100

    Best way to make a scrog net?

    How would i go about making a scrog net for indoor tent about 10 feet long 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall?