LED stealth Cabinet - Test run


Hi everyone, i am going to start a small journal here for others to enjoy and maybe learn from, but also for my own personal benefit. Its always nice to be able to look back and then adjust onwards projects.

First off i got myself a closet from Ikea. Cheap, already white and the fit is tall and slim. Perfect for a stealth setup that can sit in the corner without being obvious.

The closet has no door handle. It is opened when a switch is turned on. A 12v electromagnet is holding the closet-door in an air-tight hold, since i have lined the sides with foam-tape. Very stealth and convenient. I havent installed a carbon filter yet. I will get to that later on.
build (1).jpg build (2).jpg build (3).jpg

The whole thing is controlled from an arduino, which turns on/off the relays for the lights, circulation fan, in/out fan. I am updating this system soon to another type.
build (4).jpg

The LED's used are the 2 usd cheapos from ebay and the led-heatsink is also an ebay purchase. I veg with 1x 50W led, and flower with 2x 30W leds.

I only had SS skunk #1 fem lying around at the time of start-up, so that is what i went with. I would have liked a more mild smelling strain.
As of writing, they are 88 days from Seed, and they have been flowering for 10 days. In the beginning i had a little nute-problems (using biobizz organic), and later on the 2 girls had no lights for about 3 days. But at the time of light failure they had to be forced to flower anyway, so that onlt slowed growth a bit. They seem fine now.
Temp seem to stay bewteen 24-26 C when lights are on, and bewteen 14-19 at night depending on the weather outside.
What you see in the soil is clover. I think i might try and reuse the soil at the end of the grow. We'll see.

grow (2).jpg grow (3).jpg grow (5).jpg grow (6).jpg grow (7).jpg

Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoy!