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  • I'm a newby an wanna start with the tax from seed. Any safe seed places that's got the real deal?
    thanks for getting back to me, it sounds like i'll have to veg and top the hell out of her to hope for 3-4 z's per. Maybe your one pheno was just low yeilding though cause i've heard the headband is a high yielder, i guess i'll be finding out for myself in like 3-4 months. You think topping each of the side branches from each node would be crazy on her?
    hey man, I was checking your journal on the 818 headband, i just purchased some of those beans and was curious if you could give me the lowdown on the strain. In your journal you mentioned your going to experiment with her to beef up yields. I was thinking about doing uncle ben's topping method on them (topping below the 3rd node to leave 2 nodes for 4 main colas). Does she like to be topped? Does she stretch alot? How long would you suggest vegging her to keep her in the 5 ft range in flower if that is even an issue, which i assume could be depending on the phenos. Any advise you could give me on maximizing this strains yield would be sweet. I plan on doing 6 of them under 600 watt hps in 2 gallon pots of roots soil using bontincare nutes in a SOG in a 4x3 closet.
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