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  • I wanted to send you a pm about your KK grow, so beautiful. I have 4 kk about 25 days old and am using tap water with PH downer. I was wondering if you think its better to use ditilled water or the tap with PH downer, I always seem to have yellow tips. I know its not heat,nute burn so it has to be PH. was just curious if you could help me out
    Thanks for the welcome back bud, i hit you up on my vistor page....but ill have to pm you my info, well talk, shit was crazy the past month
    Whats up man.. I am also 2,400 miles from the east...and also a producer...weird huh? Anyway just wanted to give another local a shout and if you're close enough maybe we can light one up sometime..
    hey man I just saw your post on the best deals thread, please let me know if you actually get that 1000 watt switchable light. That was EXCATLY what I was searching for as well and that savings is gonna let me put that nasty thing in a cool tube! Ill keep you updated on my order as well. I hope that it isnt a scam
    hey war so my tw is at about 7 wks and is looking real frosty and milky, how much longer you think she needs? been in 12/12 for 8 wks but she kicked off into flowering a little later than the others.
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