Aussie Growers Thread


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I don’t even smoke it just like the growing Mediseedman seeds work good they only don’t germinate when I haven’t taken the care with the process had two plants the other was smaller got just under 2 oz from it hopefully this one dryes up over 2 oz
what you talking about dont smoke weed :weed: essay r u locobongsmilie



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that damn I live a boring fucking life

It's a nice change of pace

Nice whaling song btw, who's singing it?
That is Mr Harry Robertson, a Scot who worked on the boats during Australia's whaling era. Nic Jones does a good version of it with a much more sombre tone. The Ballina / Byron area is a beautiful part of the world but lots of darkness in it's past if one cares to look, like most of colonial Australia really. I often wonder if the people who buy houses for $20 mill on the beach at Wategos are aware of the history, but I digress...


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Rather than post a traditinal Friday-night link to some extant/cerebral/musical headfuckery, I'm planning on going to go to bed early & listen to the full 8.5 hours of the ABC Classic broadcast of Max Richter's "Sleep", which will be broadcast live, starting at 8.30pm AEST.

I may, or may not indulge in a small vape of hash to help the experience enfold.......or unfold......
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New grow room setup, 5kw and 2.4kw off-grid systems with 10kw storage, inverters use's main electricity for backup. And a 4.5kw LPG generator for extra backup just incase.....
2.5x2.5 breeding tent, vipar xs1500 pro and 2 site aeroponics.
4x4 400w hps, 4 site aeroponics.
4x8 2x400w hps, 2x Wilma 8 site dripper. (Prepped for aeroponics conversion)