Newbie looking for guidance!


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Im sorry but no, there are just too many advances that have happened from when that book was written until now.. Ed and Jorge was good when there was very little information out there but now that there are mounds and mounds of information out there we are learning better ways of doing things then we did before.
Ed Rosenthal isn't outdated because he still publishes. Do you think he just stopped or something?


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Come for Bruce Bugbee's genius. Stay for his stage presence.
I assume, from all the references to bro science (and Bugbee time and time again), that it must have a definition somewhere besides among cannabis producers. I never heard of it until I came on this forum.

These are what I can find in dictionary form. I might also assume, from all the references here, that Dr. Bruce Bugbee is the only non-bro scientist that knows any non bro science as it relates to cannabis. I cant find any publications by Bugbee on cannabis or find any references here except a video.

Does this Bugbee scientist type also do publications? Like in an Ed Rosenthal book published lately? Where are Bugbees' references to cannabis in the literature? It looks like Bugbee is a plant physiologist working with NASA on growing plants on Mars, but I only get one reference to a video (which I cant access via my smartphone). He sure never wrote no book on the subject of cannabis that I can find....................I should actually read something that is not bro science. No?

No non- bro scientists besides Bugbee? Is this guy not a weight lifter? Are you sure? There are no factual books that specifically address cannabis production? and Ed Rosenthals' recent book is already outdated? It seems he at least addresses basic botany there............. Bugbee and Rosenthal arent necessarily in disagreement on any given subject I can find......... (maybe dark period before harvest).

Mel Frank also wrote a book- outdated? bro-science again?

jus curious