Random Jabber Jibber thread


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You don't need to do you?

My choice of poison is Bourbon.

When the dust settles after a family gathering, I do dispose of the evidence appropriately.


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Same old man! Got real busy with the hustle and bustle, but I Moved down south a couple months ago. Loving life. So much free time, sitting on the side of a mountain, drinking my coffee, hitting my vape. This is life!.

How have you been?
Good to hear it, bro. Things have been crazy since 2020 - got covid a few times and fucked up my leg on my scooter. Had to have surgery and doing PT to heal it. Weed prices took a nose dive, went from selling $350 ounces to $180 ounces. But I started my own music biz which is going WAY better than I anticipated. Lots of gigs and making good money from that. My kid is grown and out of the house, he's doing well on his own and learning quickly. All in all, life is good. Challenging, but good. Good to see you around.