Sensi Skunk Automatic by Sensi Seeds 300W CFL Indoor

sup lads,

i've started this thread to help with some problems im having with an indoor auto grow. i prefer the layout of growdiaries so i'll post the link here if you wanna get some context but i'll summarise my setup for convenience. not got the best growing conditions, especially in terms of temperatures. they get as low as 24 and as high as 34. will eventually need to deal with this but at the moment the tent is inside a wardrobe which is most probably why the hot air cant escape.

Grow Type: Indoor
Tent Size: 50×50×100cm
Light: 300W CFL
Strain: Sensi Skunk Auto x 2
Grow Bag Size: 1 gal
Medium: Coco + Perlite
Age: Planted seed into final pot 11/12/17
Vent: Two outtake fans, tried a mixture of combos two out takes work best with respect to keeping temps down
Temp: 30°C

water every other day, 1L of pH 5.5 water with quarter dose of canna coco A+B and cal mag.

i've attached some photos of some problems im having, the fan leaves on both of the plants are turning a little yellow.

EC 1.3
Canna Coco A: 1mL/L
Canna Coco B: 1mL/L
Cal-mag: 1mL/L
5.5 pH

Appreciate any help! Ta
one of the sensi's, straight seed into pot - kinda fucked this part up got a little impatient and starting digging for the seed when it didnt sprout after 2 days, definitely think this caused a lot of problems cos im sure i disturbed it. planted 11th dec and they both sprouted 6 days after hence bringing the age to about 25 days


Dave Baker

Looks like a bit of heating issues. What's the temp at? Might want to test pH to be safe but I think it needs nitrogen.