1. C

    Flowering Time

    So I’ve had my shoreline skunk in flower now since September 3, that’s when I flipped it over to 12 and 12. It is now October 26 and they still look like they have about three weeks to go. Everything I’ve researched said it was a nine week strain, has anyone ever had experience with plants...
  2. G

    hello uk cheese heads

    Hi their this is my first forum oing to me short n on Instagram as greenerenergy my work can be seen their i live in Cape Town South Africa and im legally allowed togrow originally frm Scotland n have family in th north west of the uk.basically their a cheese clone that super...
  3. E

    Flowering won't start

    Hey guys, I have a question. I got two pots with White Skunk AF. They are 6 weeks old. One of them already flowering for about two weeks but other is still without any signs of flowering. I use 24/0 light cycle. As I read that it is possible to use 12/12 for AF to get them flower but now is the...
  4. Q

    Bushy Lemon skunk auto

    Hi guys. Thanks a lot for all the help on this forum. First time grower here. I am eight weeks into my auto which I thought should have been close to harvest but I’m not sure it’s even into bloom. The plant is about 25cm tall, r=20cm ie very bushy and not tall. She is on 24/24. Is she developing...
  5. Trans_Sailor_Mercury

    Sapphire OG smells like cheese?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has come across this particular cut? A friend of mine was grinding up some particularly stanky bud that reeked of grated parmesan cheese and a slight hint of berries. Needless to say I had to get my hands on some of that stank shortly after Anyways just...
  6. L

    Looking for CHEESE

    I'm looking for the most cheesy barnyard funk I can get in seed form. Growing a critical cheese from barneys right now and while it has the prettiest bud structure in the tent, it has very little in the way of smell compared to the GTH #4 or Durban poison next to it. If the critical has phenos...
  7. kkmmbb1

    LED stealth Cabinet - Test run

    Hi everyone, i am going to start a small journal here for others to enjoy and maybe learn from, but also for my own personal benefit. Its always nice to be able to look back and then adjust onwards projects. First off i got myself a closet from Ikea. Cheap, already white and the fit is tall and...
  8. T macc

    The Nature Farm...seed drops?

    I'm just curious, if anyone knows, how often does The Nature farm drop seeds? I missed out on something and don't wanna wait till next fall =/
  9. noobgrow10111

    Strange Skunk Issues, Help Please!

    So i have been in the growth for 18 days now with a MH light 50W and a florescent light on for 24H throughout the grow. My plant has been starting to have somewhat droop on the tips i'm not too sure i just transplanted one of the plants into a bigger pot but i still don't really know why. There...
  10. Outoftime

    Pyramid seeds Tutankhamon

    I really enjoy growing this strain I highly recommend it to everybody! I cant wait to harvest these :bigjoint:
  11. D

    Skunk Smell

    This is a topic that has been discussed in many forums, but the answer is never clear. There are many of us searching for that skunky smelling strain. Some answers I have found from other posts lead to Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds, however grow reports show there is little to no skunk smell and it...
  12. Craigson

    Craigsons chron pt4- Skunk 91 open poll.

    Started 12 skunk 91 June 3 at 3pm in jiffy pellets on seedling heat mat. As of 6am June 6 we have 6 sprouted.
  13. Tomzy17

    Any expert opinions or diagnoses?

    Hi guys I’m running 8 plants in a rdwc system they’re a week old all of them have rooted beautifully and growing rapid and strong all except 1! There’s one little fucker that is rooted but the roots haven’t grown through the net pots yet and is still green and the colour looks healthy but last...
  14. Tx-Peanutt

    I’m in search mode

    Dows anybody know who has real skunk?? I’m not talking about skunk with a lemon flavor but real deal skunk from the 90’s ... Any suggestions would be nice I’ve been reading about a lot of “skunk” but they all have a lemony or fruity flavor any help would be greatly appreciated....
  15. S

    Sunsimulator Genetics anyone? Please help.

    I have been searching for some Sunsimulator Genetics for years. I hear this group has the best sour in the community. Could anyone point me in any direction on acquiring beans or cuts? I'm in Michigan.
  16. 2011rex87

    TGA Testers! Tasmanian Skunk and Cherry Cordial OG - Picture Heavy

    FLOWER STARTED JANUARY 26th 2018 Welcome Welcome! Come one come all... Tasmanian Skunk? What is it? I don't know. Perhaps a distant ISS relative..... Cherry Cordial OG? That's easy... Hells OG x Space Dude (Male Space Queen) Why is it called Cherry Cordial OG? Space Queen is C99 and Romulan...
  17. T

    Sensi Skunk Automatic by Sensi Seeds 300W CFL Indoor

    sup lads, i've started this thread to help with some problems im having with an indoor auto grow. i prefer the layout of growdiaries so i'll post the link here if you wanna get some context but i'll summarise my setup for convenience. not got the best growing conditions, especially in terms of...
  18. Tom Tucker 313

    New Rule Bans Landlords from Blanket Denials Based on Criminal Background

    On April 4, 2016, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued new guidance to the real estate community regarding the use of criminal background in evaluating prospective tenants. The guidance, titled “Office of General Counsel Guidance on Application of Fair...
  19. Tom Tucker 313

    Get involved in Ohio

    Come support marijuana legislation for Ohio! Check out our facebook page:
  20. Tom Tucker 313

    For those looking to expand their growroom

    Cannabis growers today face a huge range of options for growing structures. Traditionally, there are outdoor grows, indoor grow rooms with lights, and year round cannabis greenhouses. More recently, the cannabis greenhouse industry has expanded to include more options ranging from simple hoop...