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@King Avitas - Since you're going the organic route and don't need runoff, you might want to consider Blumats.

I have been looking into them and they look like they would be awesome with the type of grow I will be running next but if I get 3 or 4 bad organic grows, I might be inclined to switch back to good ol' trusty synthetic nutes. So for that reason I am kinda on the fence with the Blumats.

On the other hand if you're gonna try something new, it's best to commit to it 100% so I guess I will do some more reading and see if I can decide one way or another. Now you have me thinking Bluemats again. Lol

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Like yesterday I have adjusted my room's parameters to slowly adjust to my late flower settings.

Today the room will be.:
Humidity 55-58%
Temp 75-78⁰f
CO² 1000ppm
Lighting 800-1000ppfd

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Grow #2 Plans.......The Pheno Hunt.

I kinda feel chatty today, so sorry in advance.

Getting bored sitting at home recovering from surgery for the past 4 weeks. Yesterday the wife allowed me to cut down a small hedge as long as the kids loaded it in the truck for me. I am not allowed to lift more than 10lbs. Which sucks, especially when we go to stores and I just stand there while my 5'3" wife is loading bails of peat on our cart or into my truck. Pretty embarrassing to say the least.

But anyways I'll tell you all my plan as it stands now for my next grow.

As many of you are aware, I will be trying my luck with a "Living Soil" for the first time ever. But I am not calling it organic as some of my products are not officially labelled as "Organic" but as far as I am concerned my non-organic perlite, mushroom compost and sheep compost are going to achieve the same result as their organic counterparts that just aren't available in my area. All my additives will however be organic when I build my soil and top dress in the future as they are available here.

The strain is going to be Zombie Kush by Ripper Seeds from Spain. A great strain from a great breeder.

This will be my 5th Zombie Kush run, I love this strain. I am going to pop 5 seeds here soon as this will be a pheno run and will take some time to complete.

I am going to set up a 2x4 tent and grow all five seedlings in it until I can cut two clones from each plant. The plants grown from seed will be my potential mother plants. The clones will be rooted and the healthiest of each pheno will go into the big grow room to be grown out. The others will be gifted to friends or tossed in the compost.

The 5 clones will eventually be planted in 20 gallon fabric pots and grown in my living soil. I am not going to SCROG this grow. Since it's a pheno Hunt I want to be able to assess their structure and be able to give them room to do their thing without the overcrowding my current SCROG grow is experiencing. Also I want this grow to move along quicker and don't want to spend a long time in veg. I will still top them once and use some LST to open up the plants but not a lot.

Since this is my 5th run of this strain, I already know what I am looking for and if I find it, awesome, if I don't, I'll grow out the mother's SCROG style in my 3rd grow and cut my losses.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know. I would be more than happy to discuss them.

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Sorry about the pics yesterday. I just clicked on them and noticed my phone focused on my lights and Trolmaster sensors. The buds look blurry. I will post new pics tonight..

Today I adjusted my parameters again trying to get to my final parameters for finishing the buds.

Current settings:
Temp - 71⁰f-74⁰f
Humidity - 51% - 54%
CO² - 800ppm
Lighting 800-1200ppfd

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Well I ordered the Canman 12 site automated watering system. The system is designed to be run with between 4 and 12 sites. I upgraded the Netbows (drip halos) from 5" to 10" because my future grows will be in 20gallon pots.

This system is super simple and cheap-ish. I would have preferred the FM-20 from Growtek but as I said earlier they appear to be slowly going out of business and aren't accepting new customers.

Hopefully I didn't just waste $300.

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Day 50 Flowering

Black Cherry Punch

The Black Cherry Punch definitely has 4 very distinguishable phenos. The pictures don't do them justice.

Pheno #1


Pheno #2

Pheno #3 (Runt)

Pheno #4


Fuel Og
The Fuel Og seem to be a very stabilized strain. I do not see much of anything different from plant to plant.

Main Cola

Lower branch top

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Well yesterday was hard and I would really like to let you all know how much it ment to me that you all care enough to comment or like with the sad face. Thank you all so much.

I need a dog in my life. As far as I am concerned a house isn't a home without a dog or a cat.......and a grow room.

The wife told me to get another dog, not a dog to replace Winston but to help me get through Winston's passing and to meet a new friend.

I'll start looking for another bulldog but I will probably go American this time and not the shorter nosed English that Winston was. After owning a short nosed bulldog, I don't really agree with them being bread for the short noses. They look cool but struggle everyday just trying to breath and eat. It was also what I believe caused Winston to choke and pass away, I can't go through that again.