UK First ever DEATH from weed


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This is England's way of keeping that shit illegal. Because now it's "deadly".
I always shake my head at the articles about weed out of Britain, and am surprised by it. I always considered Brits to be America's more European liberalized cousins.

It makes me wonder, I mean you see Charles is like "Mr Environment" yet, he doesn't advocate for weed, knowing that alcohol almost destroyed both of his sons lives.


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Same here with me! Don’t take aspirin or others unless I NEED it. Maybe a tums or two for heartburn after spicy food. Actually told by a Doc that I am allergic to Opiates and Opioids when I severed a tendon in my finger. They gave me Percocet and first day was ok but second day I was itching EVERYWHERE! Even my eyeballs felt itchy. Called them up and they said allergic and if I took more I could go into cardiac arrest. So no more of them for me! I quit soda and most sugars as well.
I get that itch from codeine and violently ill from morphine but Demerol works great so that's my pain med of choice when they need to use something heavy duty. Severe pain in my rt. shoulder for a few years and I'd get 30 - 50mg demerol that I would only use when the pain was so bad I knew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep. Once in a while I'd take 3 or 4 to get all messed up but that was was rare. Doc here cuts me off because it can be habit forming but those 30 pills would last 4 - 6 months so I certainly wasn't abusing it to the point of addiction. Suggests a f'n antidepressant called Cymbalta but I had a buddy on that and it was as bad as opiates for the withdrawal so I went without. Luckily I had just cropped some hi-CBD pot and started using that in edible form and it works well enough for my joint pain from ever worsening arthritis. I tried that Percoset a friend gave me and they are horrible too.

After a small stroke about 7 years ago I was told to take a small aspirin every day but use healthy oils like coconut, MCT and hemp to prevent another stroke and it seems to work. 67 now and taking no pharma or OC meds at all. Microdosing magic 'shrooms here and there for chronic depression and the pot helps for that too.



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I'm pretty sure it's impossible to die from smoking Natural weed, She was probably smoking that synthetic stuff that you see junkies on YouTube smoking :bigjoint:
Weed is illegal in the UK, so since she's British I suppose that means she was smoking black market stuff. Maybe it wasn't pure weed and had some other unsafe additives that caused this.

I kinda skimmed over it but didn't notice... how much did it say she used?

Thought they mentioned measuring THC or something in her blood, but they didn't say "equivalent to smoking X grams of weed".