1. 420mlet

    Yellowing tops, wk 2-3 flower.

    Hey guys I came up woth this problem and I want to double check if its really sulfor deficiancy or is it something else? Grow is indoors - living soil - just water amending every month - coots recipe - temps n19-20 d27-28 - everything is diled in just weird few plants does that strain plasma...
  2. C

    New to growing

    Want to start my own grow However I don’t have much space to work with! I’m looking at a 50cm x 50cm x 140cm tent with the Mars hydro Ts 600 is this sufficient? Could I fit 2 plants in there? Also being my first grow I have watched a lot of tutorials on lst and hst methods should I try and use...
  3. A

    new toy project maybe

    30cm x 60cm hlg 65w -140mm silent fractal design pc fan coming and a random shot of my original gg4 from seed week 6+
  4. J

    How close to harvest

    Update I have some new pics. This one looks like more of the hairs turned red and i was also looking at the crystals look cloudy. Is this one close? FYI This is a Mazar (apparently) auto flower. Its been in bloom for about 60 days from switching to 12/12.
  5. I

    Dwarfs in a box

    Plan to grow up to 6 small plants from 6 seeds, 3/6 are feminized Nicole Kush and 3 unknown seed. I plan to wrap it up before May 1st and i've got 11 weeks left. The plants won't have a vegetation phase. Sprouted 3 bagseeds in the end of Jan, in wet paper, 3/3 came up and these have been...
  6. N

    Day 62 flower cherry pie. Trichs not turning amber, plant getting losing all the fan leaves. HELP

    My cherry pies have hit day 62 and they are losing ALL their fan leaves to turning yellow and brittle. I am carefully watching the trichs and see that I’m getting NO amber. (Pics included) I just don’t want to leave them under the light losing potential quality for trichs that potentially may...
  7. Millo

    Help me choose between 2 crappy LEDs :D

    Hey RIU! I'm planning on building a "micro-space" for assisting my ladies from seed to first weeks of veg. I'm doing this because I want to use my 1x1x2m tent for pre-flower to harvest only. If I put seedlings in there I would not be able to offer them the best conditions lightwise bcus the...
  8. unclejesus


    Hi fellow growers! NOT SURE WHEN TO HARVEST, ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED! **Check out my Custom Made STEALTH GROW CABINET I made. Just finishing 3 AUTOFLOWERS - 2 SOUR DIESEL and 1 BLUEBERRY!** DID some heavy LST to keep the 2 Sour Diesels small, each now have aprx 13-16 COLAS! Only used GIA GREEN...
  9. T

    Simple Advanced Nutrients question

    Can I use Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom combi set for autoflowers in soil? Thanks for any help
  10. weed-whacker

    Sog vs Scrog

    Is it really just the veg time? Any reason other than plant count to go for Scrog over sog? (Asking for a friend)
  11. THC-CK

    Moving Box A21 Grow - Dank Schrader

    Hey all, I introd myself the other day but thought I would post my setup and a bit about my little stealth grow. I have a few years under my belt but wanted to try something different in the stealth realm! This setup is comprised of two large moving boxes that are stacked to give me a little...
  12. shawn705

    Sealed door idea for closet?

    Setting up a small closet grow this week, thinking of just covering the whole closet in black/white polly and using a tape on zipper. There will obviously be some.very minimal air leaks, but I'm also using a 4" 210 cfm inline fan/filter combo. The negative pressure caused by the fan sucking will...
  13. xFACEMANx

    Perfect Run Formula....Researched & Tested. The Science.

    Hello I'm FACE. It's something I always wanted to do,help others grow. When I started I had no one to mentor me, in fact I've never had someone help me....the community is kinda hush hush you know. (This kept me from picking up other growers bad habits though) It wasn't quite legal at the time...
  14. DaneJAH

    What you guys think? Stealth filing cabinet and aquaponic flood and drain aquarium in progress

    So this is my latest project and I'll have more of the basics sorted soon but my main questions here are. 1) as the light is suspended from a shelf that was part of the cabinet and there's actually another 120mm of hight so I've thought of using a stainless steel rangehood to extract air/hear...
  15. M

    Help with led strips in cab

    Hi, im looking to turn my cab into personal growspace, its 75cm tall, 45cm wide and 55cm deep from the inside. Im ordering everything from europe and led-tech sells these 50cm long stripes with 98x samsung LM301B diodes, which are quite effective on their data sheets. If i wanted to, could i...
  16. kkmmbb1

    LED stealth Cabinet - Test run

    Hi everyone, i am going to start a small journal here for others to enjoy and maybe learn from, but also for my own personal benefit. Its always nice to be able to look back and then adjust onwards projects. First off i got myself a closet from Ikea. Cheap, already white and the fit is tall and...
  17. Waffledick420


    Highly doubt anyone will actually join in, but I have a challenge. It's simple. Complete a grow seed to harvest, while spending as little as possible. PLEASE USE ORGANIC NUTRIENTS, AS THEY ARE EASY AND CHEAP TO GET FOR BEGINNERS IF THEY DECIDE TO JOIN IN! My cheapo setup is a...
  18. theeverGREENstate

    Evergreen's auto coco led fastbuds stealth cab

    Day 0: Welcome to my first grow journal! i just got finished building my cabinet and my seeds just popped! Ive always grown photo strains until just this summer. i live in washington state and have medical so i ran some autos outdoors this year to see if i could avoid the moldy september and...
  19. grilledcheese101

    Grilled's 100w LED Keg Fridge Grow

    Sup. I got a free keg fridge and decided to grow some weed in it. I got a 4 inch inline fan and timers and bulbs already so this cost me nothing. Cut holes where I needed em and ported with abs piping. Gutted the ac lines and Freon. And installed my inline fan in place of the fridge shit. The...