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EKG Cal Canna

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I buy clones from seed junky from time to time. They do Good Healthy clones, no fusarium pythium or bugs.The best strain, from seed i got from them is animal kush mints. A cat who works with me got the seed a few years back & we popped them,isolated the pheno & have been running it for years. weve taken it back to seed a couple times but its a Good One ! total cannabinoids are 33.3%.. Its not a great yielder, the best ive done with it is just over 1.5 a light with no p load. Doesnt have a great structure either & its green not purple sorry! but its pretty damn good smoke ! Do ya wanna get high or do ya wanna show everyone your bitchin purple hard nugs in your jar? Lately all they seem to produce is purple hype strains cause that what all the girls want.


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Seed Junky is a clown with recycled genetics that are nothing special to write home about … it’s Gelato x the universe and everyone must have some much Jealously for me lol the Era of Sloth seeds coming to an end aka bottlenecking
What are you saying about jealousy?