wedding cake

  1. Gorrillainthemist

    Grow after being 3 years absent from the growing life

    I have been away for a few years from growing due to complications to where am living in the UK but now I am back and ready to get back into the growing .I have got four girls cuts which I believe three have been stunted but will still run them through the cycle x2 Mimosa Evo x2 Wedding cake...
  2. T

    Scrog question

    So I've got 5 plants under a scrog I plan on adding a second screen under a spider farmer 4000 They are in coco and perlite still in veg mostly filled the screen I've had a few problems with these plants they are wedding cake clones had low temp problems and pest problems I've fixed them issues...
  3. S

    Does this seedling look ok for 2 weeks old?

    Hey guys still just wanna know from you guys experience if this plant is doing ok for 2 weeks old from seed. I think the growth is a little bit slow because i rely on outdoor sun and its been very cloudy ever since the seedling sprouted. I usually leave it outside from about 6am-1pm and finish...
  4. G

    Are they done or should I go longer

    I have two strains Jack herer and wedding cake. Tomorrow completes week 9 of flower. Do they look like they are ready or should I let them go longer. Any feedback is appreciated
  5. A

    What deficiency is this, need help

    Plant was growning good then i saw the purple stems coming in heavy, gave it recharge+cal-mag recently to see if comeback... theres no intensity and thinking if it good or bad and if yall know ways to fix will love it
  6. H

    So far soooooo ok…..

    the set up: So far everything is going .. ight. Lol. Started with four, lost 1 of each (one I think I knocked off the roots doing a nute change, other one not sure about, stress?) replaced the two I lost. 2 wedding cake, 2 Girl Scout...
  7. F

    First Grow, How am I doing?

    Lol, how you think Im doing though? A little background: I have lurked this forum and many other growing forums for many, many, many years! I am in my late 20's and started smoking and getting an interest in growing around age 14 lol. At a certain point you can only read so much though and have...
  8. WintersBones

    Mars Hydro TS 1000 complete kit Wedding Cake grow journal

    Here we go! I'm going to document the unboxing, setup and inaugural run of this awesome new TS1000 70x70x120cm kit! courtesy of @MarsHydrofactory . :cool: And here it is! As you can see, it only just arrived! Unfortunately it's too late to set up tonight, we'll get...
  9. S

    Terpene dreams

    Yooooooooooo. What up doe? How everybody doing? I’ve never tried to post a thread but I’ve received great info from this platform and figured I’d see if anybody felt like me about this topic. I wanted to get everyones opinion on the best available strains of 2020 THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE...
  10. SpawnOfVader

    Rosin Press Attempt 2

    Working with @RadicalRoss on improving our technique. VASTLY better yields than last time, getting up there, at least hitting the "average" mark now. Wedding Cake 17.9 Grams Flower (over two runs) 3.1 Grams Yield (17.3%) Conjugal Visit 17.5 Grams Flower (two runs) 2.2 Grams Yield (12.6%) Put...
  11. dazed_spirit

    Wedding Cake phenofinders

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to growing. I just did a few cookies kush from BF, turns out I may have stressed them too much because I ended up with a couple of hermies. I am gonna do wedding cake feminized from pheno finder for my second try. Does this strain have any sort of special issues that I...
  12. BurntByFire

    What’s with these leaves?

    Hello all Bit of a newbie here. I’ll start with my setup: -Current culture UC8 RDWC -Rayonled 720 (720watt) Led medical grade grow Light X2 -Active Aqua 1/4 chiller -9x5 Gotilla grow tent -Blue Labs Guardian monitor -Humidifier -Two 8” Vortex S line fans and carbon filters -Growzone HT2...
  13. ThatBoyZooted

    Slurricane , PB Breath , Chem 91 , Wedding x Jungle Cake - Week 5 Day 35 Flower

    Day 35 of flower these ladies are looking frosty and gorgeous . I've had to bamboo stake both the slurricane's from how much weight they have put on . Pulled one of them out of the tent today to water and it literally started to fall over sideways lol. 3x3 Grow tent Ocean Forest Soil Fox Farms...
  14. Summetspeacial303

    Wedding cake garage ten grow diary

    Hi guys , first time doing a diary like this but I’m gna give it ago .. I have 6x wedding cake in 20l pots (realises now thats to big) there under 2x600w for veg although heat is to much so just using one atm . Tent size is 2.4x1.2 with 4inch intake and 6 inch extractor , two circulation...
  15. 1

    Clones rooted, slow growth? When to put in 15 gal pots

    Had cut 5 wedding cake clones on 17th of June and got roots by the 29th. I’ve acclimated them outdoors in solo cups and was wondering when would be a good time to put them into my 15 gallon fabric pots. Also it’s been about 9 days since I put them into their cups and they’ve been about the same...
  16. J

    2nd grow...1st journal

    Hey guys. After doing a bunch of reading around, I thought it might be a good idea to do a grow journal for all to see and give me advice if you see me screwing up. I've been keeping a log anyway, particularly of my setup and all, so why not share. Background: I have grown once before...
  17. M

    Help please guys! Nutrient burn or other?

    Hi guys, I noticed yellowing leaves on yesterday's feed. Please could you take a look and let me know what you think? I'm feeding 20ml of Canna A + B along with 5ml of Calmag per 10L of water, temperature in the grow room is 26deg with lights off and 28deg with lights on! Plants are on day 12...
  18. BurnzyBurnz

    Wedding cake week 1 of flower

    What's up y'all, I am doing a run of 3 wedding cake & 1 Sensi star. I'm in my first week of flower. In soil using HLG lights. Anyone ever grow this before? I'm thinking it's going to get great results. How about you?
  19. E

    Dense(ing)up Light/Heat Stressed Buds

    Greetings All, For my first grow in years and first photo-period I chose White Rhino & Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake exploded on me and got to 51", 6' with the pot. I wasn't too aware of light stress but I sure did learn as Wedding Cakes colas grew right to my 2000w output LED...
  20. Mikenike

    HLG Saber vs Amare SB800, Wedding cake RDWC

    Finally got 8 cuts from the same mom/time Setup: 4x8 tent/ 8 site RDWC/ Co2 8 HLG Saber strips Amare SB800 (8 bars) Megacrop, Epsom salt, Calmag OGBIOWAR + molasses powder Perfect PH inline ph adjuster @TorusHydro Cuts are currently under a 4000k QB